Travel norway bergen inspire trip

travel norway bergen inspire trip

Yes, I know, it's an expensive holiday, not for anything else is called the most beautiful voyage in the world! But even here there are so many.
Maria Westerståhl finds Bergen, on Norway's west coast, is ideal for a family and exploring the landscape that inspired the makers of Disney's Frozen . offer a range of tours of the area, including guided day trips, as well as.
Out the Fun. See More. The Best Things to Do in Bergen, Norway - Practical tips for your trip to Blog by The Planet D: Canada's Adventure Travel Couple. Bergen, Norway. .. Fantoft Stave church, Bergen (inspiration for Frozen castle)....

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Welcome to the Itinerary Planner. Your comments are currently being pre-moderated why? Net Fishing or Rowboating. Bryggen, the gem of Bergen, deserves a leisurely stroll or two… Or ten. What did you think of it?

travel norway bergen inspire trip

Bergen, Norway has to be one of the most breathtaking cities on the planet, but for some reason, trou nicolas sarkozy people have never even heard of the place. With our Bergen Cards, we embarked on a three and a half hour fjord cruise to Mostraumen which was absolutely stunning. It's best to book these cruises through the New York City office of the Bergen Line tel. Rental Cars -- You might want to rent a car to explore the area for a day or two. Here are some highlights from our trip. Bus and Bergen Light Rail is also free!

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Transfer to Oslo Airport Gardermoen OSL.. The Bergen Tourist Office can also help you find a place to stay, exchange foreign currency, and cash traveler's checks when banks are closed.