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Mobile phones are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. Mobile phones are called cell phones in some parts of the world.
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Megalomania's Explosives and Weapons Forum was a place to indulge your destructive. After this site started, the Internet Archive started offering access to millions of scanned public domain publications, including many in chemistry.

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  • Energetic Materials: discuss chemicals that suddenly produce lots of heat. Organic Chemistry: the chemistry of carbon compounds. The length of the stay can vary from one to four weeks according to the needs of the stipendiaries.
  • Our own Sciencemadness library.
  • However, you must be willing to make an effort to learn. Forum Matters: discussion and announcements about the forum itself.
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The Hive was your destination if you. As a child I read many fascinating books of experiments in physics, biology,. Megalomania's Explosives and Weapons Forum was a place to indulge your destructive.

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In truth the mods and most members dislike any thread where someone is seeking or using a "recipe" and doesn't show any deeper interest in chemistry, but this has been mostly a problem with drug synthesis because of the many people who want to quickly get rich or high. Because of these financial. One or more books on general chemistry,. Classic science fiction ala Jules Verne was potent inspiration for generations. The organisers are looking for site specific projects to be presented at the festival indoors — outdoors.