Tickets juan soho

tickets juan soho

David Tennant returns to the West End in a new production of Patrick Marber's Don Juan in Soho which runs at the Wyndham's Theatre in directed by the author. Based on Moliere’s 1665 comedy Dom Juan or The Feast with the Statue, Marber relocates the play to the heart of Fri, Apr 28.
See David Tennant return to the London stage in hilariously debauched play, Don Juan in Soho, at Wyndham's Theatre. 17 Jun. Mar 17 - Jun 10.
David Tennant returns to the West End in Patrick Marber's critically acclaimed DON JUAN IN SOHO....

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Still unsure how or why I got tickets to this last year but must have been seeing Patrick Marber's name attached. Why bother with flesh and blood actresses in this? To quote Donald Trump, "SAD". Request a group booking. But whatever, I enjoyed it, because it's funny, because the cast is good, because you sense Marber is straining to condemn DJ, because — the previously described scene excepted — it's less a sex farce than an odd couple comedy between Tennant and Scarborough. Tennant's ferocious mugging never hits the mark and the inability to engage the audience means that all of the massive structural faults of the play are uncovered very quickly.
tickets juan soho

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The female cast members are particularly badly served and may as well have spent the entire time wearing interchangeable masks but ultimately their role is purely to be female flesh. Why bother with flesh and blood actresses in this? Most of the fault for this mess must lie at his own feet as he is adapting his own play. Read The Stage or The Express reviews. Spare a though that poor Scarborough has to gamely trot out every night to perform this garbage for another two months, unless it closes shop early which is looking more and more likely as reviews come out.

tickets juan soho

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I found the song and dance interlude incredibly amateurish and I am guessing it was inserted to try to pad out the play and justify the ticket prices. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe.

tickets juan soho

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Tickets juan soho He falls back quickly on mugging and winking to the audience to try to wring out laughs, often stranding the rest of the cast. Last Chance to See. Tennant certainly won't be winning any awards with this turkey. The characters start and end with what they do and say on stage - there is nothing more than that to think. The song and dance numbers are painful to see and the "jokes" offensive. It also seems to confirm that it is best for a playwright to not direct his own work. Vying with The Philanthropist at Trafalgar for the most unwanted and unnecessary revival of the year.
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