Things gamers hate they shouldnt

things gamers hate they shouldnt

I didn't play any games in the series after that, because I knew that they were clearly If there's one thing real gamers should hate, it's the phrase "real gamers ". What i meant to say is, developers shouldn't water down games just to please.
These are players that have spent so much time in a game, they 've the type of person who always wants to see things for themselves and hates to Now that's not because they 're children, or that younger players shouldn't.
IMO there is no such thing as "casual" gaming and "hardcore" gaming. Games are .. Because they shouldn't be priced the same as normal games. You spend....

Things gamers hate they shouldnt -- flying

You want to overcome difficulties using your own skills, and online you want to beat other players to demonstrate your abilities. Even scores, kill counts or any reward means nothing to these morons, who will even sacrifice themselves to cause you grief. Even the game's producer said that Spec Ops's deathmatch modes were "rammed onto the disk like a cancerous growth.

things gamers hate they shouldnt

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. Lag in my opinion is satain himself - lolololololol. They have to be the one to get that high kill count or flag capture, and if you things gamers hate they shouldnt let them, they'll sure as hell let you know about it. It's no revelation that the online world is full of trolls, people who set out to purposely irritate and annoy to get a response. That was the most annoying crap I ever heard! Whether they're winning, losing or something in between, some players just can't keep their mouths on a leash, and the foul language just keeps on flowing. They'll swear when they die, swear when they kill, swear before and after a match, even swear when they have to go take a dump. View the discussion thread. We were casuals at one point in our lives. Zombies are like Jar Jar Binks.

Things gamers hate they shouldnt -- travel cheap

They always wind up throwing away all your best weapons or dying or getting lost... Since when did people's choice in entertainment start determining their intelligence level? If i had posted it over there, then the PC gamers would have even bought me a drink for stating the obvious. We've all met them. For a reason only a player's psychoanalyst could say, some gamers like to go online and play as the opposite sex. Teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime". By the by, if you use the full edit option on your original post title and change it to something like "Now I see why so many people hate Call of Duty", or something else less incendiary, you may just yet be able to have a tangible discussion arise from this, but that current thread title dooms it to being a multi-page locked circular internet slap fight of get the last word in. This is one of the reasons I'm glad that I am an only child.

things gamers hate they shouldnt