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The Netherlands has shown that populists can be stopped. Shifts along the political spectrum Share your views in the comments below. According to recent polls, Germany's populist party Alternative for Germany . Ozzy Guy • 1 month ago The UK votes for Brexit, but Scotland shouldn't vote for.
The Netherlands will hold a general election on 15 March. has been at for most of the term, with some ups and downs along the way. On the left of the political spectrum, the Labour Party (PvdA) is the big loser. centre party (currently at 10 %), according to an analysis by Ipsos. . Leave A Comment.
The EU Referendum, Through the Eyes of The Political Compass. UK positions re The EU. Like The Political Compass itself, the EU comprises a social  Missing: thenetherlands ‎ comments ‎ guys....

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Letting insurance companies have their wicked ways? When migrants began to arrive from North Africa and Southern Europe, much of the discourse surrounding the white working class was extended to these new migrant groups, specifically the notion that they needed to be civilized into Dutch culture. This trend is enhanced by the gravitation of EU decision making to smaller groups, as Dutch participation can make or break internal groupings. Two weeks after the Dutch election, the politician leading talks to form a new coalition says it may take three months or more.

As one of the original six EU members, the Dutch ally with the British to counter Franco-German efforts to steer Europe off a transatlantic course. Click here to cancel reply. The euro, the austerity, the undemocratic palace of Brussels, the secrets TTIP for examplethe crazy extention of the UE… we are tired of leaving in a failed experiment. Even when we have both a Trump and a Hillary we have enough viable alternatives for sensible people. The riches and celebrities, live in their mansions surrounded by servants and for them thenetherlands comments ukdf according political compass guys along only means cheap labor. While their legalistic approach can be frustrating, they are flexible. It is essentially a race between Geert Wilders and the PVV and Mark Rutte and the VVD — one a far-right party and the other a center-right one. Because elites are in the pockets of the financial power and Bilderberg Club and do not care about the People. Plus the country suffered from the Nazis. The Dutch constitution prohibits binding referendums. S SUMMARY CONTINUED The Dutch are expanding their leadership beyond Europe. Dutch Leader Takes Trump-Like Turn in Face of Hard-Right Challenge. Send to Email Address.

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  • They are expanding their military involvement in Africa, in part to provide a secure environment for their robust development assistance program, and in part to add "eyes and ears" on the ground.

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The comment was: "Removed Wayne Brittenden attribution, at his request". European Union EU , Beatrix of the Netherlands , Geert Wilders. There is no indicaion that this is true.