Surf trips maldives southern atolls

surf trips maldives southern atolls

Join us on our luxurious ocean liner for a boat trip along the Maldive atolls reefs in the Southeast, our surf trip takes you along the Central and Southern Atolls.
This area can only be accessed by means of a well-equipped surf charter vessel. The Maldives ' remote "Outer Atolls", a.k.a. Southern Atolls, focusing on Gaafu. Surfing in the Maldives is all about having fun. Not too intense (with...

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The resorts are on their own islands, away and apart from the village islands. Gaafu Dhaalu starting from the airport making your way around in a clockwise direction some of the breaks don't have names so will give the island name also some of the breaks have two names so will give both. He will get you the waves of your life! We passed a couple of village islands that are off-limits to any tourists but we could visit because we had permits. He said our best bet would be to go to Vaadhoo and maybe get some waves.
surf trips maldives southern atolls

Later Steve, Eric and I went for a walk on Gan island which is known locally as the "Island of the Cats". Stumpy knew where to go and when and kept us on the waves! More affluent then Vaadhoo. Clem's Place - Lavongai. Here are the best. It is a mellower wave that is a good place to warm up on. The best waves were when Steve and I were out, taking turns and just basking in the perfection.

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The live-aboard boats offered by Southern Atoll surf operators come in a wide variety of types and sizes — low maximum number small and intimate with an exclusive feel, traditional Maldivian charm kind or something larger with a focus on space and sociability. That was a unique experience. We had chicken and lobster Bill got another lobster at Castaways for a terrific last dinner on the boat. We arrived in Male, caught the boat back to Lohi and arrived at the resort just in time for happy hour.