Showthread gained pound

showthread gained pound

During this period, say a year or so, I dropped 40 lbs, from 235 to 195 (I'm That weight you gained could very well be mostly muscle mass. . in this thread (added muscle mass, increased hunger due to heat loss) and.
Yes, stopped for 5 years, gained nearly 50 pounds. Started smoking. Kept all weight. .. Bit late to the thread but: No I did not gain weight. Anyone want to attempt an explanation as to how I.
3 months hard work, gained 5 pounds! I posted this in my journal, but I want it out here so newbies can see the pain & frustration and learn to celebrate their.

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Somehow I've gotten it in my mind that I "deserve" some sweet treat since I work out so hard in the pool. Two Pound Balsamic Roasted Pork Loin. What does Alan say about this? Location: The bunghole of WA.

showthread gained pound

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? My stomach looked leaner and I had some more ab's definition. Is that too much or too little for the period of time? Originally Posted by mojook. Mission Archery Crossbow Discussion. The weight gain you have seen in the past couple of weeks may be entirely normal. No I did not gain weight. My knees are not great from sailing and so running became tricky. View Public Profile Find all posts by LouisB. Location Northern NJ, USA. I counted calories and did not increase my intake. Parking lightstail lights dash IndyJR in forum General Swimming-Related Discussions. Send a private message to Zefah. My feet and ankles were so swollen, showthread gained pound, I had to ask my room steward for extra pillows and slept with my legs elevated. TalkShip on Cruise Critic Forums. Woo Moo Foo - OHANA. In the Alley Life -- The LSA LGBT Forum.

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  • Find More Posts by Zefah. I honestly don't think you're going to get what you want unless you buckle down some with your food. Viking Sky Roll Calls.
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  • That and my blood pressure is a bit elevated.
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How do you feel? HTML code is Off. Find all posts by SaharaTea. I think its pretty simple, take in less calories than you burn...