Same marriage green card

same marriage green card

same sex marriage green card legal services provided by experienced immigration attorney for clients married in same sex marriage states.
I am often asked whether Immigration Officers in the USA conduct the marriage green card interviews differently for same sex married couples.
In the wake of the Court's 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalizing gay marriage in all states, there likely will be an uptick in green card applications....

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Drag Race's Peppermint Comes Out as Transgender. How to Read the Visa Bulletin. Or you can email me: jim Other forms of relief in Immigration Court such as Cancellation of Removal may use same-sex married partners as qualifying relatives or may include hardship to their spouses as discretionary factors. Gay and lesbian immigrants who are placed into removal proceedings in Immigration Court may use adjustment of status to obtain a green card through a same-sex marriage as the basis of a deportation defense. When applying for a green card, the laws of the state of residence of the applicant and his or her sponsor are irrelevant.
same marriage green card

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