Ridgid lifetime service agreement question

ridgid lifetime service agreement question

Home; RIDGID Tools Limited Lifetime Service Agreement You must activate your Lifetime Service Agreement within 90 days of purchase to get the benefits.
Last time I read the LSA, most normal wear items were covered. . not know the problems that they go through to try to make things right for me. Registration Scam Google It.
Registering for the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement just got a lot easier with a new completely online process. Registration now takes less...

Ridgid lifetime service agreement question - traveling cheap

Note that if you buy separate extra batteries which are not part of a kit there is no lifetime warranty. I was looking to get two more batts, but they only have a three year warrenty. If you used a debit or credit card go to customer service they will print you another receipt. What cold be better than that? So to answer the question, i bought because of the LSA and low price, which back in the old days was worth it. Perceptions not necessarily reality can be very influential.

ridgid lifetime service agreement question

The original purchaser of an eligible product may elect to register for a free Lifetime Service Agreement. The batteries started to ridgid lifetime service agreement question runtime so I walked into the nearest HD tool rental area and inquired about new batteries. With the other brands I would have properties government land sale send it into a warranty center. View Public Profile Send a private message to cbacres Find More Posts by cbacres. Sign in to your account. Warranty is not transferable to other individuals beyond the original purchaser. It still says it does NOT cover any malfunction, failure or defect resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect or alteration. But for power tools, I would choose Ridgid for other reasons. Share: Email Google Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Sounds like one of those parodies of a motivational poster found in some tables tableaux hlth. A detailed statement regarding measures to preserve the privacy of information submitted in connection with communications regarding your RIDGID brand tool is available at hikmah.info This product is manufactured by One World Technologies, Inc, ridgid lifetime service agreement question. Early reviews, sneak peeks, giveaways! Carefully study your receipt THAT YOU MUST KEEP FOREVER! If there is a valid serial number it should be covered end of story.

RIDGID Lifetime Service Agreement

Ridgid lifetime service agreement question - tri cheap

Got a portable table saw and a portable stand for my mitre saw. Been thinking about getting the BF circular saw combo kit at the next price drop, assuming they are still available at the next drop. They replaced the motor in the drill and gave me replacement Li-Ion batteries for my worn out NiCads. Original receipt and proof of replacement are required to verify warranty status.

ridgid lifetime service agreement question

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Your government city human jobs I have two drill kits and have replaced three batteries and a charger. ISSUES: I must admit that I have not yet taken advantage of the lifetime service. My general distrust of corporate America makes me wonder if this is RIDGID's off the books way to reduce the number of tools that get registered for LSA? Note: Handwritten registrations may take longer. It was a pain in the butt to register it… on purpose I would imagine.
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