Research publications this location

research publications this location

The CFA Institute Research Foundation publishes research that is relevant, comprehensive, and offers innovation and insight.
A collection of books, papers, articles and research published by The American Educational Research Association.
People & Locations ARS's Scientific Manuscript database, formally known as " TEKTRAN", captures the latest ARS published research results. As soon as a manuscript is accepted for publication it is put into our database....

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Stephanie Brooks Holliday, Brett Ewing, Erik Storholm, Layla Parast, Elizabeth J. Search for an ARS scientific manuscript. Health and Wellness Promotion. Crystallography and Liquid Crystals. This research brief outlines their findings. RAND Center for Applied Network Analysis and System Science.
research publications this location

Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center. Studies by most recent Active Living for All Active Living for All ALfA is an initiative funded by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Serving Greater Saint Paul. Smart algorithms built on electronic news national weather service accused knowingly misleading public blizzard data and documented outcomes may make it possible to anticipate a patient's future health care needs. Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. The Pardee RAND Graduate School is the largest public policy Ph.

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  • Research publications this location
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  • Klein, Steven Martino, Francesca Pillemer, Tepring Piquado, Victoria Shier, Regina A. AERA Code of Ethics.
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Research publications this location -- journey easy

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. The task force worked with Wilder Research to collect information from medical respite users, providers, and referrers to determine what is working well and how medical respite services could be improved. Policy Toward Afghanistan and the Region. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

research publications this location