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Need help interfacing with the National Rail Enquiries (UK) API (LDBWS) Ask Question.
That is exactly what the busier stations on the Exmouth line need to be like! stations .. Does that help with your question, Quote from: http:// ldbws / the 23rd of November, National Rail Enquiries will be introducing tokens in to SOAP An interface issue perhaps?....

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I've already posted it in "The Wider Picture". The Bodmin Parkway 'voice' has leaked out somehow and infected other stations - everyone will now be able to join the guessing game - where is 'LostWhistle' Station??? On manned stations all staff were working to same time time whilst on DOO routes such as the Thames Valley it gave the driver a check that they were departing "Right Time" without having to rely on their own timepiece. Suspect this may have changed now it's also heading to Chiltern. That's an awfully long time to show the warning and in the meantime there is no information about trains which actually will call at the station.

Interesting that the two systems seem to have a consistent two minute offset when showing that a train is delayed, the new orange screen being exactly two minutes more optimistic about the eventual arrival time. As ChrisB said, it would appear that the dates have been extended as all the work has not been completed. I'm trying to access Live departures from National Rail Enquiries. Judging by what I've seen this evening, it would seem the platform matrix es can work independently of the departures screen, unless I'm mistaken. Hayes should be in operation by the end of the week. Is anyone aware whether the new system is all linked together like the old one or not? The ATOS system is said to offer more features, so there might be a further improvement. Looks like West Drayton next on the Thames Valley list. Installations completed last week: PA and CIS at Newbury and West Drayton, CCTV at Westbury, CIS at Bedwyn, CCTV and PA at Paignton. Some of the diagonal stretchers questions need help interfacing with national rail enquiries ldbws look in need of replacement. That led to a lot of grumpy first class pax. I don't believe an extension to the franchise sites wwwepsm alfr files programme colloque epsmal was required. Additional CCTV cameras were also being installed. Sounds as though quotes with tried to remove the word Link completely but failed. It is currently announcing and showing trains that don't even exist! There is a stack of sacks of cement and sand in the car park, so I assume its replacement will be going in tomorrow.

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However the new help point was working at Dawlish Warren. And I can confirm that the information point at Melksham station at least works off a mobile phone signal. You mentioned a HSS CIS handbook, but I guess that's private? Talking to the installation gang they told me that at the moment the only system they have installed is the one with two buttons, they haven't installed or seen any of the webCIS ones yet as Network Rail has not aproved them.

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I've seen an increasing number of occasions where the 'white screen of death' is displayed on the new circular white help points with integral departures board. The OJP data feeds are SOAP APIs and are available for use under formal licence. Ian L Having just mentioned long announcements I am perhaps contradicting myself but as a child I used to like the manual announcements at Reading where not only did they announce the calling points but things like "change at Exeter St Davids for stations to Exmouth and Barnstaple, change at Liskeard for Looe" etc etc. They include Radley, Heyford and Tackley. How that compares to the existing systems at the stations you mention, I don't know but the systems at Slough and Oxford should be replaced - a major aim of the project is to have the same system across the FGW network. Cheapest Fare Finder via Website. Definitely a case for new CISs here. Ah yes, FGW have modified that system quite heavily recently, strange really, as its being upgraded soon.