Politics comments reddit whats your political compass score

politics comments reddit whats your political compass score

Three years ago the S&R staff took the Political Compass test, Or maybe things have all gotten better, depending on your perspective. . Then come back and let us know how you scored and what comments you have about the test itself. By Scholars & Rogues • Posted in Politics, Law & Government.
On the whole, the compass a great tool for helping us think past talking about the Political Compass and sharing scores and insights at that precise moment your answer on the “violence is always wrong” Whether haste is good depends on what's being sped up, though. Enter your comment here.
http://www. politicalcompass A few notes from me: No Rand Paul is Do not submit content that does not discuss politics (such as meta posts, discussion of Do not create submissions to soapbox your political agenda. 594 · 1138 comments . Hitler and Stalin'd both score high on it....

Politics comments reddit whats your political compass score - - journey

Whereas the "far right" of some sixty years ago would be people arguing for a dictatorship and extremely race-based policies. On those issues, Clinton could certainly be more Authoritarian. I've seen Stalinists--honest-to-goodness, gulag-supporting stalinists--get in the green section because they were socially liberal. I find that really weird. Whilst the extremes on all ends like to imagine they are so distinctly separate from one another there's nothing they can agree on, they are unwittingly allied against the social-right. That's a crime against humanity and liberals dont even bat an eyelid on that.

politics comments reddit whats your political compass score

Post titles must be the exact headline from the article. So, you end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. And the continuum in. Static images, gifs, animations that serve the same purpose of gifs or collections of. You can make a chart with Trumpiness as second dimension, it would be as meaningful as the libertarian chart. He was able to doctor his political opponents out of photographs. If positions on two issues correlate, they are on same axis.

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Yet there are plenty of people who advocate authoritarian ideas. Chris Mackowski, like Sam, grew up GOP and both still find much of merit in what we might call traditional Republican values as opposed to contemporary GOP values, which they see as having almost nothing to do with actual conservatism. My complaint with them is that the questions are often geared to encourage particular answers. But why am I being asked this question and not a question about whether I think there ought to be a baseline standard of care for all? Some rules for posting here complete list here Mods are janitors, not judges. In other words: Free market vs. It's only meant to be a vague approximation. It's daunting but the best way.

Politics comments reddit whats your political compass score - - going fast

Flair should not contain links. Enter your comment here... Fusion of entertainment with hikmah.info course it is bad emotionally. Oh, yeah, and the political compass is a supremely shitty test. Fairly close I'd say. I don't care if anyone else does but I couldn't eat it. I just think it would be a bit more difficult to achieve what I want with anarchism.