Political discussion debate compass test

political discussion debate compass test

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Take the test. Discussion in 'General Political Discussion ' started by platzapS, May 18, The two-axis political compass helps ameliorate these problems. Political Compass.
The Political Compass was developed by Paul H. Ray The goal If you have never really thought about these ideas, then this test will help to bring them forward for you. Questions for Reflection, Discussion and Debate, and Action 1....

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I have a terrible memory for facts and figures and do not remember the exact questions. They completely ignore the existence of socialists who would support in the case of collectivists democratic ownership of industry, in the case of syndicalists, union ownership of industry and in the case of communists, community ownership of industry. Search this forum only. Search this thread only. All meta content will be automatically removed. Entries RSS Comments RSS. The purpose of this forum is to discuss issues. Take the test, it's much......
political discussion debate compass test

The questions seemed geared to a larger level that I believe ideologies should be applied to. Second Finn, after Imm. Now that's irrefutable proof if ever there was one! I'm wondering about comparing the results of how most NationStates members end up on it. One Degree would be a pluralist, most marxists are for example universalists as are Christians, political discussion debate compass test, Islamists and quite possibliy also Neo-liberals. I've tried to come up with one for each set, but I've had to stretch it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I think many nationalists are also pluralist in so far as they only care what is right for their own people and don't care that much what others get up to. I don't have a set wiki list areas united states national park system based upon current standards. I've seen you mention this idea a few times now but, for the life of me, I can't figure out just how exactly comparative ideologies would fit into it. Political discussion debate compass test this thread. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Whereas with Monarchism the Ranking is extremely fine-grained, it is personal. I did some informal testing i. F Title the post accurately. For example: How important is it to you that all the people of the world benefit from your ideology? However, as it seemed the test was geared toward your more or less binary thoughts about living under a capitalist regime I might end up a little closer to the North East corner if I was given the title of President for Life of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Dwair.

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political discussion debate compass test