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French philosopher Paul Ricoeur developed an account of narrative and narrative identity that has been highly influential.
Jean Paul Gustave Ricœur was a French philosopher best known for combining phenomenological description with hermeneutics. As such, his thought is within  School ‎: ‎ Continental philosophy ‎; ‎ Hermeneutic.
I appeal to Paul Ricoeur and argue that his account of the relationship of the self and her community can clarify the meaning of collective memory. While memory..

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At the same time. He states that the "problematic of existence" is given in language and must be worked out in language and discourse.

The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur: An Anthology of his Quotes with. This can be demonstrated in the situation of sympathy, where it is the Other's suffering not acting that one shares. Emerson Buchanan, New York:. Philosophical Anthropologytrans. Reagan, and David Stewart. Similarly, paul ricoeur bapsdrc, in the essay "Explanation and Understanding" he discusses human behavior in terms of the tension between concepts of material causation, and the language of actions and motives. Library of Living Philosophers series. This entails another moral concept: that of imputation.

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There he explores the involuntary constraints to which we are necessarily subject in virtue of our being bodily mortal creatures, and the voluntariness necessary to the idea of ourselves as the agents of our actions. Ricoeur did not produce a general theory of interpretation. One becomes who one is through relations with the Other, whether in the instance of one's own body or another's.

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This is language that conveys more than a single. Eventually we see that our words are not as real as they seem. Action and Interpretation , ed. He points out that we experience time in two different ways.