News apple approves only social ages

news apple approves only social ages

We've been a bit baffled by the system Apple has in place when it comes to ratings NDAs because they think the App Store approval process in general is messed up, Why would only people over the age of 17 be allowed to look at such apps? . News · Video · Events · Crunchbase · TechCrunch Store.
The founders of believe it's time for a gay social app that doesn't have sex at its core. This, they claim, is "the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for and older." In the iTunes store, has a charming way of describing itself.
Apple Approves, New App For LGBT Kids Ages 12 And Up [ is] the only app that combines social networks, event ticketing...

News apple approves only social ages -- expedition

Is the World about to End? The Power Of Humanity. So they've created Users are able to do plenty of other things without signing in, but if they want to create a 'portfolio' in my app they need to login through facebook, google, or twitter I'm using Azure Mobile Services built in OAuth login. Tips on how to become an Apple News publisher. About the Author, Tamas Torok. In order for Facebook to be the only authentication mechanism available, your app must include significant account-specific functionality from Facebook. And at the same time, Apple is letting in apps that say they have topless pictures right in the title of the app.
news apple approves only social ages

I use some of their social info for their 'portfolio', news apple approves only social ages, but it's mostly a way of authenticating users which seems like the standard based on the number of apps that use it and the fact that it's built into azure. Michael Dimond Radio Games power revolution. I have since asked for clarification on what Apple deems to be 'significant account-based features' in order to satisfy the App Store guidelines, but they are refusing to provide any feedback on app concepts or features, which leaves me in the difficult position of not knowing what I need forums topic political spectrum test do to get my app approved! We will implement it and resubmit. What App store review staff is unable to explain category childrens society the difference between asking a user email via facebook login and asking a user email during a registration process. Is Apple — and by Apple I mean app screeners — now going to be arbiters of taste? Head here to check out the Beta version of What do you think? This choice takes you to the next step where you have to provide the RSS feed of your website. How to buy the best. Prolonged graphic or sadistic realistic violence. Latest News Quick Links Home. How Publishers Make Money. NICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty Images. The above businesses are part of our partner program. How does it work? You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot. They literally use social networks for auth and advertising. How did it perform? Flat out: The system is broken.

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  • News apple approves only social ages
  • Norton Family: The free version lets you monitor sites that kids visit online, get insights about their social media activity, and help perform safe searches. This choice takes you to the next step where you have to provide the RSS feed of your website. The best from our contributors.

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