Mixing travelcard payg

mixing travelcard payg

Oyster And National Rail Mixing Travelcard And Payg. Posted at February 8, 2017 by admin in. Oyster and national rail mixing travelcard and payg.
I've read a lot of posts on here about the Oyster card and travelcards, and and load a travelcard on it, plus some PAYG pounds (I don't know, . but I think you want to get a weekly card in the mix there somewhere;.
oyster and national rail mixing travelcard and payg...

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Likewise if you touch in outside your zones and forget to touch out again at the end of your journey. Finally, there is a new line being built between Peckham Rye and Surrey Quays. The Montague on The Gardens. You are supposed to be able to exchange them for topup at any tube station ticket office.

mixing travelcard payg

Is this permitted within the conditions of carriage? That could take a while, even on the slightly faster Southern trains. I live in Walthamstow and I got a job in Kingston. Remember also that the line from Euston to Watford Junction only charges peak in one direction to London in the morning and away from London in the afternoon. You cannot load an out boundary travelcard onto an Oyster unless it is from Watford Junction.

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  • Hi, I wondered if you could tell me any way around the problem I often have.
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  • It depends on who runs the booking office where you buy the ticket. Putney and Putney Bridge are the nearest to Wimbledon, or Herne Hill if heading towards Blackfriars.

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I have looked and that now makes the cheapest journey for me to buy a return from Hertford North to Crews Hill and then just use my oyster for the rest of the trip but how would i tap in when i dont get off until finsbury park? The first one can be made using PAYG as long as you touch out between Finsbury Park and New Barnet ie the system needs to know you finished within your zones.

mixing travelcard payg