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I always feared the fact that I would be derailed from the MGTOW path if a good looking woman were to seduce me by showing 106 · 46 comments. Run Elon After you reject the first one, it gets easier to reject them all.
All that happened was she rejected my offer for sex. The only part of me that does feel regret, at least at first, was that I gave her an ego boost.
Guys who have ambition, college degrees, healthy bodies, are athletic, have good/stable “professional” jobs with great salaries get rejected by..

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If it means that I have to be alone and go MGTOW, so much the better. But then I was rest assured that I would be safe given that it's not socially normal for a woman to approach a man in the first. This is the first time that "hunt them for sport" is not only funny but full of love.

Im looking to OC my GPU any help? Probably the same way a woman feels when they find out a man is unemployed and bald. Cries but you are very far from her. So if you heard nothing, let us know! A man should put his own happiness first before anyone .

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  • Great to hear that you have the red pill mindset going strong!
  • Off topic, this reminded me of what happened in class a few weeks ago to me. I just didn't respond unless they sent some follow up hate tell over my lack of response. It isn't just the higher divorce rate I've seen the same stats is it that she is more likely to be alpha widowed, more likely to cheat, more likely to cuckold.
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Mgtow comments zeqd aussie banned from rejecting - - tri

Her: Really, with who? He was absolute right.

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In fact, most of the things women and especially feminists whine about is pure projection. That article is a guilt trip, nothing more elegant than that. Some stupid normie cunt who looked like she was twelve too lol. I work with children. A lot of women do not. Although he thinks that maybe they will think "damn! Most women are attracted to either bad boys or sleazy charmers. Guess they never heard the saying before….