Majors programs history political science major

majors programs history political science major

The history and political science major requires students to complete 30 credits, and leads to a bachelor of arts degree. History and Political Science Majors at Greenville College learn to understand ideas and draw conclusions from the.
Health · Social Work · Visual and Performing Arts · Daemen College Teacher Preparation Program The political science major at Daemen provides students with foundational courses in the major The History major at Daemen features a strong liberal arts emphasis, starting with the intensive Undergraduate Majors.
The History / Political Science Joint Major is numbered 514 in the university's list of majors. This major is an integrated program consisting of 45 credit hours from...

Majors programs history political science major -- flying easy

School of Business and Management. The political science program provides an understanding of important political ideas and ideologies as well as the workings of basic political processes and institutions. There are a variety of ways you can support NDNU to continue to help meet the increasing educational needs for our students and our mission. The result of the program is a transcript that looks attractive to law school admissions officers and more importantly, the development of the reasoning, communication, and study skills essential for success in law school and the legal profession. Academics Find Your Major. Adolescence Education in Social Studies. Pursuing External Funding Opportunities.
majors programs history political science major

Meet the Board of Trustees. One of the following Sequences:. This variant of the Political Science major would be very suitable for someone hoping to enter the foreign service or one of the federal intelligence agencies. Division of Life Sciences. Foundations of American Education. Requirements for that program are shown. Secondary Methods in Social Science II. Computer and Information Science. Fubara named associate dean for academics for Campbell Business. Meet the Dean News Humanities at Otterbein. Current Parents and Family.

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