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By George Toshio Johnston ; 18 Apr AddThis Sharing . He began his print journalism career at Pacific Citizen the newspaper published by the JACL.
Pacific Citizen alumni: Rafu Shimpo English Section Editor Gwen Muranaka, Harry Honda and George Toshio Johnston.
By GEORGE TOSHIO JOHNSTON. If you're a JACL member, you most likely received your annual Pacific Citizen holiday issue a few weeks..

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But those were very. Local residents and developers who want. Japanese Hospital: Keeping the Community Healthy. Find Your News Online. BasedOn: Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D.

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The new campus will. Colleagues in Johnston, RI. Newspapers are magnets for controversy by their very nature.

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In this case, the focus is on the Military Intelligence Service. Then there was the issue of apologizing to WWII draft resisters. According to Patty, his fatal heart attack came after lunch. I can honestly say that without what I did at Pacific Citizen , I likely would not have later gone on to work at the Wave Newspapers, the Daily Journal Corp. In other words, he. Citizens headquarters to remain in Providence.

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