Health epididymo orchitis leaflet

health epididymo orchitis leaflet

Chlamydia can spread from the urethra to the testicles causing pain and/or swelling of the testicles. This is known as epididymo - orchitis (see the BASHH leaflet.
Acute epididymo - orchitis is a clinical syndrome consisting of pain, swelling and inflammation of the They are designed for health professionals to use, so you may find the language more technical than the condition leaflets. Chronic epididymitis refers to epididymal pain and inflammation (usually without scrotal.
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Always see a doctor for advice about whether treatment is needed. Viruses commonly cause the infection.

Assess your symptoms online through our free symptom checker. This condition may appear several months after the sexual encounter that caused the STD. Reactive arthritis is an uncommon disease that causes inflammation of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Overview Sexually Transmitted Diseases Overview What Is It? The bacteria travel from the bladder or some other site in the urinary tract. Your doctor will often be able to tell what kind of swelling it is just from examining you. Epididymitis means inflammation of the epididymis. A young boy with epididymitis probably will be referred to a urologist. In some cases, the man first has symptoms of an infected urethra, health epididymo orchitis leaflet. This doctor specializes in illnesses of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. An emergency operation is usually needed to treat this condition. Your doctor will ask questions about your medical history, surgical history and sexual activity. The choice of the antibiotic depends on the underlying cause of the infection. These bacteria enter the urethra or bladder, either during the procedure or through the catheter.

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This is now rare due to better surgical techniques. For them, epididymitis usually is caused by intestinal bacteria that have spread from the infected site.

health epididymo orchitis leaflet