Funny political cartoons

funny political cartoons

A collection of funny and provocative political cartoons by the nation's top cartoonists.
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While the mainstream media laments that they no longer have credibility, Trump is using social media to reach a massive audience and completely bypassing the liberal bias of the press. Donald Trump: Drain the Swamp of Corruption! Hilarious cartoon and very education for any Sanders supporter who has no idea what a Communist is. Busting a Liberal Myth: Yes, 'The Rich' Are Paying Their 'Fair Share' in Then Some. JOIN Trump Conservative News, Commentary and Political Humor Home. Particularly if they are white males.

funny political cartoons

The media is a panic, seeing racists everywhere, not realizing that calling all Trump voters racist and bigots was part of the reason they became fed up with the press in the first place. This is what Christmas will look like at the Clinton household…minus the Christmas tree of course, as it will probably be replaced by a statue of a spirit cooking idol. There was an error. Learn Something New Every Day. Thanks bias media, keep it up! Best Donald Trump Cartoons Political Humor Satire America's Political Political Nonsense Of Political Significance Political Musings Political Commentary Political Dissing News paul ryan donald trump differ reform Relevance Funny Politics Forward Most are too stupid to understand this. What Google Did Funny political cartoons Is Appreciable. The Silent Majority is silent no longer, and will never be silent. Screw obama demacrats satanists communists athiests and gays. GOP totally out of touch with their party. Sarah Palin has all these chumps beat.