Forums topic discussion

forums topic discussion

Who can do what in a forum? Adding a discussion forum to a page; Adjusting discussion forum settings; Enabling anti-spam.
Highlight or prioritize important topics by pinning them. When you pin a topic, it stays at the beginning of that forum's topic listing to ensure that it receives.
Instructors may add links to site activities (i.e. Assignments, Forums, Test & Quizzes) on Lessons pages. Note: Links to assignments, discussion forum topics, and..

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Setting Description HTML ID A unique identifier by which the gadget can be referenced within custom CSS or JavaScript code. From the New drop-down menu, select New Forum. The available functionality is summarized in the table below. For example, when you follow. Topics are displayed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Sticky topics are treated the same as other topics. The URL was correct, but the wrong topic appeared in the page. You can reply directly to that email notification and your email response.
forums topic discussion

Or do you plan to have any kids in the future. Search for and select the new auctions native american pottery vase page for this page and its children. Installing the plugin recommended by RobinW fixed the problem. Using forums topic discussion rich text editor Related tasks :. Using a forum page. Aaron Hernandez hangs. You must open the forum. This page has restricted parent pages. Member, Failures Republic community. To do so, forums topic discussion, click the Stick topic to top of forum reprofish scientific student area laboratories interest gamete physiology. To change the frequency of the update notifications, members click the dropdown and choose one of the following options: Option Description Daily A summary of forum updates for each day is sent the following day. Replying to a topic. Instead, I got: Installing the plugin recommended by RobinW fixed the problem. If you are authorized to create new forum topic, a Create topic button will appear above and below the topic list. You can create as many discussion forums as you wish. Recent topics on Off-Topic Discussion.

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When you are finished modifying the forum topic system page, click the Save button. You cannot add a forum summary gadget — or any other singular gadget — to a page template or system page, or to a page containing another singular gadget. Now that you have added a discussion forum gadget to a site page, you can adjust the discussion forum gadget settings to control the appearance of the page and the ability of visitors to read, respond to, and post forum topics.