Features photographer visiting national parks

features photographer visiting national parks

But for one photographer, the national parks hold special meaning. Obama's visit to Yosemite for the anniversary of the National Park Service. have a feature on Cuba in the November issue of National Geographic.
Learn tips and tricks for photographing in the US National Parks from pro shooter Chris Featuring Chris Nicholson . how to prepare and enjoy a visit to these natural wonders but on the types of photographs you may want to capture as well.
Coinciding with the centennial anniversary of The National Park Service in America's Cathedrals features work by Ansel Adams, William Henry Jackson...

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The rich colors of Mariposa Grove are best under the soft light of a cloudy day. Photographing Grand Teton offers some of the most dramatic landscapes anywhere in the U.

features photographer visiting national parks

Features photographer visiting national parks this terrain roam large ungulates—bison, pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, and moose—readily spotted and easy to approach. Skip to main content. Readers call Cuyahoga Valley National Park a hidden gem for its riverside scenery that changes with the seasons and its great opportunities to photograph dealers antique auctions california bald eagles and great blue herons. The approachable wildlife, waterfalls, boulder-jumbled streams, spring wildflowers, and intense palette of forest color in autumn make this a superlative destination for all but the colder months of the year. President Obama walks with National Geographic through a forest at the base of Yosemite Falls inside Yosemite National Park this morning. Present, but most species are hard to see and even harder to photograph. Our readers tell you where to go to get the greatest pictures of your life.


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This soaring tract of the Sierra Nevada range is laced by waterfalls that descend in an eerie, slow-motion roar, inundating valley floor backwaters that reflect magnificent vistas from all directions. For Guttenfelder, that interaction has been through a camera lens. Scenes with the most potential: seascapes, landscapes, and still-life studies of forests and wildflowers. And to try and convince others how important it is to have this kind of place and to protect it. A tele lens on a sturdy tripod produced this design experiment after an early snow on aspens and spruces. Big Bend National Park is home to the Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry, allowing visitors who remembered their passport to cross the Rio Grande and enter into the small Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen. None of this is surprising—the park is an unrivaled natural treasure where an underground super-volcano creates otherworldly geothermal features such as the Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Prismatic Spring. Yosemite National Park is where the legendary Ansel Adams honed his craft.

features photographer visiting national parks

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More CBS This Morning. A shooting guide to some of country's most incredible landscapes.

features photographer visiting national parks