Europe norway lofoten islands travel blog

europe norway lofoten islands travel blog

Norway's Lofoten Islands: Cod Only Knows Their Beauty To collaborate with travel writers of this caliber is one of the great joys in my work. . in my blog: http eu / lofoten - islands - norway / Thanks for the photos! J K.
If you think Norway's fjords are beautiful, might we interest you in the Lofoten Islands? Our Lofoten Islands travel blog Start creating your tailored trip today.
Henningsvær Mornings. We woke early the morning after our slightly chaotic arrival in Lofoten. Correction Nigel woke early the following..

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Conversion of the Norwegian kingdom occurred over the next several decades. Some travel tips are summarized in my blog: Thanks for the photos! Traveling to Lofoten by ferry can be an unforgetable experience — expecially if you are prone to sea sickness. I want to go home and relish my experiences. Cheap, Tasty and Fried: Frites in Brussels. I ended it standing under the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands.

europe norway lofoten islands travel blog

The Complete Guide To Visiting Cinque Terre in Italy! What stunning scenery and wonderful account of this remote place. I share my experiences to inspire others to create their. But my first visit to Oslo was en route to the Arctic and the time I had available to explore the picturesque mix of old and new was limited to a day. Please Sign-in or Register.

Lofoten Islands Adventures

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Trollfjord is praised as one of the natural wonders of Lofoten, but the biggest wonder of all is how a gigantic cruise ship could possibly squeeze into such an impossibly narrow fjord — and sail back out after a U-turn. I have to visit and experience this someday!! Suddenly the clicking from the loudspeakers — connected to an underwater listening device called a hydrophone — stops. The few restaurants we splurged on ranged from excellent a melt-in-your-mouth Arctic char to…memorable. Hvalsafari AS, located in Andenes, runs a visitor centre and organises daily whale safaris. I missed my friends already. Especially if you love the outdoors, hiking, exploring hidden bays and beaches… So, here in our travel guide to Lofoten islands, are some facst that can help you organize the trip to this magical place. Click here to cancel reply.

europe norway lofoten islands travel blog