Earn money blogging nigeria

earn money blogging nigeria

How did Linda Ikeji become the number one blogger in Nigeria in less than three years? How did she make so much money to buy a house and car worth over.
Passion is very important in blogging because it takes time and energy to build a reputation and make money from blogs and without passion.
Nigeria is considered a land of opportunities. Whether these opportunities are equally available to all her citizens is another question. One thing for sur...

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You make money each time a visitor clicks on an Adsense Ad displayed on your blog. Nigeria Technology Guide Follow naijatechguide NaijaTechGuide is the best blog for Technology News, Gadget Reviews , Specs, and Tips. There is no limit to how much you can make as a blogger.
earn money blogging nigeria

S o you want to start a successful blog? One other reason why most Nigerian bloggers are not making money online is because they copy and paste articles from other blogs all time. It is also important that you target specific keywords in your blog posts. This is the same reason why persons run a blog - To earn money. By doing this, not only will your blog start to grow naturally, but you'll also start to have people contact you who are interested in hiring you for a service you offer. Just find your passion and then follow it, simple!! Enter the destination URL. You will not make money with just blogging one post. The Blog also covers Online Services as well as Prices of Mobile Phones, Laptops, and other Gadgets.

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  • It will also take time to make money. You will require to post on your blog site continuously and consistently if you want to make money blogging. NaijaTechGuide is a leading Tech Blog in Nigeria with sizable audience in Kenya, Ghana, and India.
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Ads displayed on your blog must be contextual related to the content on your blog. Besides, you can check out online businesses in Nigeria that matches your taste. How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria.

earn money blogging nigeria

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I am responsible for…. Of course, you should be blogging what you are passionate and knowledgeable in, but you must write it in a way that satisfies your visitors. I use GoDaddy Click Here and Namecheap Click Here for all my domain name registration. You're different from the super bloggers One of the fastest tracks to success in life is looking at people who are achieving the kind of success you want and replicating what they are doing.

earn money blogging nigeria