Dashboard warning lights mean

dashboard warning lights mean

1. Engine Temperature Warning Light 2. Tire Pressure Warning Light What it means: The car's traction control system is engaged.
The instrument cluster located on your Ford's dashboard is equipped with warning However, if after 15 seconds this light blinks eight times, it means that the.
Yellow/orange mean something needs to be serviced or repaired soon. Engine Oil Level or Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbol, more here, Low Oil Level  ‎ Tire Pressure Monitoring · ‎ Temperature Warning · ‎ Master Warning Light Symbol..

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Check Engine Light Symbols, more here. Are you a business? Many you have seen before, and most will be green or blue. If the symbol is visible when the vehicle is on, then it typically indicates a malfunction in the security system. A whole new series of symbols have been created just for the new generation of hybrid vehicles. Bulb Failure - indicates a problem with one or more of the vehicles bulbs. Choose Your Toyota Vehicle.
dashboard warning lights mean

Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately if this occurs. Child Safety Lock - if alight, the symbol shows you that the child safety lock has been activated. What it means: You are running low on fuel. Some vehicles will allow manual reset of TPMS warning light and others will require professional diagnosis. Tyre Pressure Monitor - inflate tyres to correct pressure displayed in owners manual and reset light if required to extinguish. Overdrive Indicator - it shows the driver that the overdrive system has been turned off. Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. Go to Ford Credit. Tyre Speed Rating - What You Need To Know added by tyrpitstop. Temperature Warning Light - it warns the driver of the possibility of engine overheating and usually demands the driver to stop the vehicle. Fix Latest mayors lawyers seek sanctions abuse suit pulls your vehicle information, code and mileage. Indicates Engine Computer has limited engine power output. Here is a useful guide for what to do if your engine overheats. What it means: There is an issue with your anti-skid system, and it may be shut off completely. When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. High Beam on Indicator Symbol, more. This indicator will also flash when you use the headlamp flasher, dashboard warning lights mean.

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  • Rear Window Defrost - this is turned on once the driver presses the rear window defrost button.

How to read Toyota warning lights.

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This has been the worst winter ever. Have the system checked immediately by a Volkswagen authorized dealer or service facility. Text Symbols, A — D. Use voice commands to control your smartphone apps. Dashboard icons are displayed in a variety of colors, depending on the system and its status in a specific vehicle.