Credit score dont care

credit score dont care

Never again will I fall for the lie that my credit score is who I am. Add to that the fact that most Americans don't have any significant savings in . I lived by those words for years, I don't know, or care to know my FICO score.
Yes, that's right! We don't care about building our FICO score. It's true.
Several years ago, my father received a letter from his auto insurer saying he didn't get the highest discount due to his credit score. Until then.

Credit score dont care tri

My main reason for commenting on your blog is to give real people a moment of pause. Facebook Google Plus Instagram Group Ramsey Solutions Twitter YouTube. More from the Blog. Momentum: for Church Leaders. You may not edit your posts. Brad, thanks again for a fantastic article.

credit score dont care

People make financial decisions based on what their score will. Rather than rely on revenue from display ad impressions, credit score dont care cine films film passe lycee sujet financial marketplace separate from its editorial pages. You will always be offered the best borrowing terms. Wifi android especially love the scare tactics about job searches and insurance. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You see, the best choice FOR ME was to close the account, "credit score dont care". I don't care anymore. I should be absolutely, undeniably stoked. Banks and bankers based in the community tend to give a people a little more leeway under these circumstances. Find him on Pinterest and Twitter ClubThrifty. But recent medical problems forced me to deplete my savings, and an unfortunate turn of events with respect to the building I live in means I have to act fast to be out in less than three weeks. They are paid to provide a service. Find More Posts by Dandy Boneman. Indeed, I am very glad that I worried about my credit score up until we bought our home and rental properties.

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  • The score itself is a bunch of hogwash though. Credit reports are a completely different story than credit scores.
  • Credit score dont care
  • A high credit score does nothing for somebody who always pays his debts.

How To Raise Your Credit Score FAST

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This is an interesting statement at the end of your post:. It is always a good idea to check your credit report to make sure that everything lines up! Facebook Google Plus Instagram Group Ramsey Solutions Twitter YouTube. Worked through college with cash only jobs. Any of us can see this model is open to the most profound abuse by unscrupulous financial institutions. The majority of people in times of need would rely on their credit score to be able to get a loan and continue to pay their bills.

credit score dont care

Credit score dont care travel fast

After all, he pays his bills on time and rarely has a need to borrow. I handle my finances very responsibly and I never really think about my score. Thats a great feeling.

credit score dont care