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Skip to main content. This website is archiving the documentation of versions prior to 7.3. You can visit the New Bonita BPM Documentation . Engine API.
Yepzon REST API documentation. All calls to this API must be authenticated using the device name and password - which .. Content -Type: application/json.
Content api for content recommendation, and content -classification to drive personalization. We have data- upload api's which support csv uploads as well....

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Ex: ["Marketing", "Analytics"] if supplied, only allow recommendations on content with the specified topics []string optional. For favourites, the current user can create a favourite relationship between themselves and.

The incoming Space does not include an id, but must include a key and name, and should include a description. Nuxeo Online Services Portal. Currently the only supported descendants are comment descendants of non-comment Content. Returns the content in this given space. The results will be the comments matched by any location. Returns the list of labels on a piece of Content. Returned if the watcher was successfully created. To be expanded on response. This defaults to highlight, content uploads yepzon restapidocumentation.

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  • Topics and rollups share a many-to-many relationships —. Documentation - Legacy -.
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Given a map, return a list of string of each of the keys. Source Representation Destination Representation Supported.