Cars chevy impala dash lights flicking

cars chevy impala dash lights flicking

Actually in the early Impalas (I know 2000 models, not sure about many . I had the blinking security light, noises under the dash and the.
2002 Chevy Impala battery went dead. After replacing it, the dash is clicking and the lights are flashing.
Issue just what the title says. When idling the dash lights flicker as well as the headlights. Idle is a little rough but not real bad. Alternator...

Cars chevy impala dash lights flicking - flying

I agree with Mitch... The corrosion, not the car. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. All trademarks referenced herein are property of their respective owners. It looks like you're new here. First tell us what Make you're interested in. The service manager told me that they were told that there was no fix at this time and to give me the car back. But cold kills batteries.

cars chevy impala dash lights flicking

This is a proactive PI. On a scanner it'll read alternator duty cycle. Impala Forum Site Issue Forum. I'll bet the flickering stops. I did ask the parts dept what they were replacing the amp with, and they said, with the identical model as the original. My bet is on a bunch of green corrosion inside the harness.

Cars chevy impala dash lights flicking -- expedition

This wouldn't be so bad if we weren't in a country where people don't like to speak English and definitely don't like American made cars. He tells me they have to replace the BCM Body Control Module. Why would the lights constantly flicker? Well, at least I did not get the old "could not recreate the symptom" explanation.

Cars chevy impala dash lights flicking flying cheap

The following day I drove right into Chevy and told them that this car is staying here until this issue is resolved and fixed and since my warranty had exprired, they agreed that although the warranty is expired, the car is still covered because of this issue being dealth with when the BCM was replaced under warranty. I had it done with a hi flo one and the cars screams. HTML code is Off. Land Rover Discovery Sport Forum. GM Buys Back Broken Bolt. I drove my impala into the garage last night and the came out this morning and all things seemed normal. Does this only opccur with the car running?

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