Business cashless story

business cashless story

In this milieu, " cashless " has become the new buzzword. to buy the things they wanted and needed, and myriad businesses were left without.
Here are the top cashless countries in the world While the jury is still out, we bring you a list of the most cashless Do you like this story?.
What is a cashless economy and where does India stand? . banks may indulge in to maintain their current dominance over the lucrative payments business.

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Across the Western world, government banks and businesses are selling the idea that throwing cash out of our economies will make the world a safer, better and richer place. This attribute will push people into cashless modes of transacting. Its wiered but true that we are abusing our notes up to the level of making it an instrument to spread even many disease..!! Because, all other transactions are stored and traceable. Get Talking Points in your inbox:.
business cashless story

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India also joined the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information AEOI to combat tax evasion and unearth black money. One free article left. To the unbanked poor this means long queues at banking facilities.

business cashless story

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Send me a copy:. On the other hand, keeping it low might end up harming small transactions affecting business. But there always have been security issues with that. Obviously the cashless economy will be more accountable towards the flow of money and will bring more people into the banking system. Its easiest to use as well, just touch or get it near to the receiver and your payment is done.

business cashless story

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Content uploads cpsia Payments can be easily traced and collected, and corruption will automatically drop, so people will no longer have to pay to collect what is rightfully theirs. Possibility of a Big Brother government getting hold of consumer data and using it for political agenda. Reduction of transaction costs through cards for petrol, railway and few other areas WAY FORWARD. How can we use this. And then — I think there are issues of bitcoin origination, black marketing etc — and there are no standards to it.
Apps best booty call Context : This is aimed at promoting the use of digital wallets and thereby moving towards a cashless society following the cash crunch. I am not saying cash less policy is not nicebut we are not ready. They must be proactive in looking out for any fake applications or websites that masquerade eskow free higher education service. The FICN menace still continues despite demonetisation. The discount is being given in the form of cash back in the bank account of the consumers, business cashless story.
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