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blog uncle clean architecture

If you are completely unfamiliar with the ' clean architecture ', do not Watch the video above and read the original blog post by Uncle Bob first.
This is a sample app that is part of a series of blog posts I have written about how to architect an android application using Uncle Bob's clean architecture.
These include: Hexagonal Architecture (a.k.a. Ports and Adapters) by Alistair Onion Architecture by Jeffrey Palermo; Screaming Architecture from a blog of mine last year . Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) is a Master Craftsman...

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No, the circles are schematic. Below I will briefly touch upon the way these parts are tied together in a web application. On the contrary, I am speaking the language of Software Architecture. And so each business rule provides an interface that gives it access to just those facilities. With lightweight ORMs that load and store entity objects thats not the case.

blog uncle clean architecture

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  • No code inward of this circle should know anything at all about the database.
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Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin - Architecture: The Lost Years

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ISP splits interfaces which are very large into smaller and more specific ones so that clients will only have to know about the methods that are of interest to them. Following I describe the rules of thumb that helped me to master those concepts. The software should slve some real world problem that the user has. Make sure you've installed the Gradle plugin. It would also be tempting to pass these across the boundary between Controller and Interactor, but that would violate the Dependency Rule. Hard to do the wrong thing because modules enforce compilation dependencies.

blog uncle clean architecture