Administration business finance

administration business finance

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Financial Services and Administration prepares individuals for positions in wealth planning and securities, and.
The Business Administration - Finance program helps to open doors to more career options — as it is focused on preparing you for specialized areas of financial.
With this Business Administration Finance program students will gain the skills and knowledge required to work in the field of financial services..

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Study Abroad Contract Training International Projects Study Abroad Guide. Your web-registration will not open if:. T-bills are sold in denominations... Analyzing the funds needed upon retirement. On Campus Employment Student Employment Centre Co-op Education. Business Strategy and Competitive Analysis.

administration business finance

A BA or BS in finance, tends to be more specialized, with a greater emphasis on investments and the workings of financial institutions. Bill Archibald, Chair, Business Department archibaldb You will take a diverse set of courses so you'll be ready for multiple entry position in financial management. Academic Advising Career Counselling Career Resource Centre, administration business finance. The program prepares graduates to meet the high proficiency standards needed to complete the professional designations and licensing courses in the financial services industry.

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  • Administration business finance
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  • Administration business finance

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Analyzing the funds needed upon retirement. Topics covered include product costing, cost behaviour, cost-volume-profit analysis, profit planning, differential analysis and budgeting. Students also learn to use forecasting tools, such as simple and multiple regression and correlation analysis to form the basis of predicting future values. DSU - Douglas Students' Union. Do you know your Options?

administration business finance

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News world americas donald trump creationist jerry falwell liberty college higher education reform t Aboriginal Student Services Centre for Students with Disabilities Counselling Student Success. For inquiries related to this program for example, course-specific information please contact one of the Program Coordinators:. As a result, a wider variety of financial services careers will be available to you upon graduation. Our staff can assist you in any special timetable requirements you may have, administration business finance. Students are required to calculate a variety of rates of return and are asked to identify the risks inherent within certain basic financial decisions.